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A Freescale Semiconductor se juntou a NXP conforme anunciamos nesse post. Ontem a nova Empresa publicou uma nota onde fala sobre seu portfólio.
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A Freescale Semiconductor se juntou a NXP conforme anunciamos nesse post. Ontem a nova Empresa publicou uma nota onde fala sobre seu portfólio. No comunicado, a empresa diz que vai unir as equipes a partir do segundo semestre deste ano e que existirá apenas o nome NXP, a parte de produtos de RF da NXP será vendida, já que os portfólios dos produtos de RF se sobrepunham. Em relação aos outros produtos, nada mudará no linecard das duas empresas.

Confira o texto completo abaixo.

Freescale + NXP


On March 2 we announced the pending merger of NXP Semiconductors N.V. and Freescale Semiconductor, Ltd. We are extremely excited about the possibility of combining two great portfolios of complementary products and technologies into one powerhouse semiconductor company.

First and foremost, you are absolutely our top priority — now and always.

Our respective sales teams and distributors will continue to call on you and provide you great service and products. We are eager to be able to combine the families and portfolios of products, but for now, your contact will not change, nor will the products we offer. However, once the proposed merger has closed and we are allowed to combine resources (expected second half of 2015), we think you will find the solutions offered to you will be strong, complementary and exciting. If the transaction is successful, this upcoming merger will allow us to:

  • Develop more complete solutions for you.
  • Shorten your design cycles by combining complimentary technologies.
  • Become a more valuable design partner for you.

The two companies’ portfolios overlap primarily in only one area, RF power products. In this case, NXP has decided to sell their RF power portfolio and keep the industry-leading Freescale RF portfolio. All other product families are expected to complement each other very nicely. For instance, the Freescale Kinetis MCU combination with NXP’s leadership in connectivity and security is an easy and obvious fit. The same is true for NXP’s FM tuners and Freescale‘s i.MX and Infotainment systems. Another is NXP’s leadership in secure ID and Freescale‘s secure Digital Networking processors. We see these natural junctions in each product group and we look forward to exploring more with you.

Once the merger is complete, our plan is to keep the NXP Semiconductors name and operate as one company under the NXP brand. We are committed to our growth product lines and look forward to becoming the largest automotive semiconductor company on the planet and the fourth largest semiconductor supplier in the world. The focus of both companies has always been high-growth markets and focusing on our customers’ needs and this will not change.

All total, we find the strength of combining NXP and Freescale to be exponential not incremental, and we look forward to sharing these benefits with you.

The Form F-4 has been filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Once the proxy statement/prospectus is declared effective by the SEC, we will call the shareholder vote to approve the merger between NXP and Freescale. We expect to close the merger in2H15.

We will continue to communicate as often as we can. In the meantime, if you have any questions or need information, please do not hesitate to reach out to us or your sales representative or FAE. Serving our customers is our first and most important priority and we want to ensure your happiness and success.

Best regards,

Gregg Lowe , President and CEO
Freescale Semiconductor


Brandon Tolany
Senior Vice President
Chief Sales and Marketing Officer
Freescale Semiconductor 


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Rafael Dias
Rafael Dias
15/04/2015 16:38

vamos ver o que vai sair desta fusão.


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