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Intel Unveils Broadwell-Y Core M Processors with 4.5W TDP: 5Y70m 5Y10 and 5Y10a

Freescale To Give Away StarterTRAK Development Boards for Automotive Applications

AllWinner Announces A83T Octa Core Processor for Tablets

Imagination Technologies Unveils MIPS I6400 64-Bit Warrior Core

Linaro 14.08 Release with Kernel 3.16 and Android 4.4.4

New Optimized Web Browser Released for the Raspberry Pi

SinoVoIP BPI-R1 Board Based on AllWinner A20 Features 5 Ethernet Ports, a SATA Interface, and More

xWifi Open Source Hardware Wi-Fi Module and Dock for the Internet of Things (Crowdfunding)

Broadcom Introduces WICED Sense Bluetooth Low Energy Development Kit

Instant DIY controller project plans Linux add-on

Semiconductor innovations in computer vision and mobile photography | Embedded

Silicon Labs  IoT kits speed enviromental/biometric sensor design | Embedded

Intel wearables challenge goes new age | Embedded

Andes gets ready to take on ARM/Android | Embedded

Developing ARM-based secure designs you can trust | Embedded

A trillion sensors | Embedded

Share and share alike | Embedded