Brazilian Embedded Systems Development Market Study – 2014

In this year’s August, the Embarcados site did a research into the embedded system market in Brazil in order to understand the dynamics and the specifics of it. This study had 901 on-line answers and took place between July 25th and August 14th. It must be said that the partnership with Netquest [1] contributed extraordinarily for its success.

Our motivations were:

  • There is no public/private data available about the embedded systems market in Brazil;
  • The size and the distribution of the market are unknown and so is the technologies which are used by the public.

Having these motivations in mind, we stated some goals:

  • Identify and establish a profile for the main trends of the embedded system market in Brazil;
  • Identify types of technologies, development processes, tools, work environment and operational systems which are involved in the day by day;
  • Understand and map decisions about chips, technologies and suppliers which are in use or are considered for the next projects.

To make the download of the full report:


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Renan Greinert
03/11/2014 13:58

Onde estão os desenvolvedores de 26-30 anos?

Henrique Rossi
Reply to  Renan Greinert
03/11/2014 23:07

Olá Renan! Obrigado pela correção…já atualizamos o documento.


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